About Us

California Drug Treatment Program, Inc is committed to providing the highest quality of treatment, prevention and excellence through enhancing its code of ethics with its continuation of training and education to its staff and the communities it serve.

California Youths Education Prevention Program

California Youth Education

Prevention Program’s philosophy is that all people are capable of change including those with chemical dependency problems. We base our counseling program on the realizing that drug addition exerts life changing and dramatically destructive consequences in many areas of the addict’s life. These destructive consequences can to varying degrees, be reversed when appropriate treatment is delivered.

Prevention Program’s (DCH) is design to facilitate drug abuse Treatment and prevention aimed at all youth. Reconnecting Youth is also in integral part of California’s Youth Program. Our Rehabilitative model is based on empirical proven practices and procedures of counseling to foster the development of mutually supportive peer group that encourage positive behaviors. Our model also focuses on enhancing youth’s self esteem: improving decision- making, communication skills, and ability to manage stress, anger and depression.

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